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The younger, nimbler version of the fan-favorite that’s quickly gaining popularity! Players will notice there’s no such thing as a little victory on offer. It will soon feel very familiar once you get used to the smaller set of figures. Playtech created this variant, which is ideal for mobile and tablet casinos due to its smaller, more approachable wheel and table. Our staff has tried out numerous games for players of all skill levels and has compiled a shortlist of the greatest websites to play mini roulette online. Don’t forget about the free play possibilities, which can help players hone their skills.

On this page, you’ll also find:

  • This guide will teach you how to play mini roulette.
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  • The top online casinos offering mini roulette

How to Play Mini Roulette Online

Assess the table

It’s also a good idea to check out the mini roulette table before you start so that you know how you want to wager. There are certain distinctions between European, French, and American roulette that you should be aware of no matter how many games of those kinds of roulette you’ve played. A single zero sits at the top of a solitary column displaying black and red numerals from 1 to 12. Will you wager on red, a straight or perhaps a corner?

Spin the wheel

When you’ve decided on a plan and put your money where your mouth is, it’s time to spin the wheel. All you have to do now is cross your fingers and wait. This is all determined by chance via the Random Number Generator (RNG), so you need to keep hope alive while watching the ball rotate around the wheel.

Collect your winnings

When the ball falls into a pocket, you’ll immediately learn if you won your wager. If you’ve won, great job! Why not try again if you haven’t? Look at our mini roulette strategies to see if they might help you get back on track.

Rethink your strategy

It’s now or never to think about how you’ll wager on the following spin. If zero comes in, you may expect a 50 percent return on any single number wagers. Check out the player odds listed below to see what’s safe and what’s dangerous. You’ll know what feels best for you after you’ve tried them all out.

Mini Roulette Rules

Mini roulette is a smaller version of European roulette. Players can make the same bets as they would in European roulette, with one exception. There is a special rule similar to the French La Partage.

Mini Roulette Rules

Mini roulette is similar to European roulette, with the exception that it has a few slight variations. The main distinction between Mini and other small versions of roulette is that this game has a special rule comparable to the French La Partage.

If you bet on a single number and it comes up zero, you get a 50% return. This happens far more frequently than when playing a full-size version of European, French or American roulette. This implies that despite the overall house edge of 3.85%, players are encouraged to stick to inside bets since they are considerably more lucrative.

Mini Roulette Odds & Payouts

In contrast to European or American roulette, where the odds are much higher due to a greater number of players, Mini roulette’s odds are significantly lower. Before you play, make sure you understand them. Unlike other variants, you won’t receive a Dozen bet for example because there are only 13 numbers available to wager on.

Bet Type Player Odds Payout
Straight (single number) 7.7% 11 to 1
Split (two numbers) 15.3% 5 to 1
Street (three numbers) 23.1% 3 to 1
Corner (four numbers) 30.7% 2 to 1
Column 30.7% 2 to 1
Red/Black 46.2% 1 to 1
Even/Odd 46.2% 1 to 1

Mini Roulette Free Play

Playing free mini roulette is the ideal way to practice your abilities without risking any money. Get acquainted with the new table layout and betting alternatives slowly. You may play on your smartphone, computer or tablet, so you may play anywhere or at ease in your own home. We’ve compiled a list of the top free mini roulette casinos for you to try right away.

Playing Mini Roulette on Mobile

Mini roulette excels in the mobile sector. The tiny mini roulette table and distinctive tiny roulette wheel are, of course, much smaller than a conventional roulette table. This means the game can be played on smaller devices with greater ease. The game has a nice appearance and runs smoothly on any device.

There are a lot of excellent mini roulette games accessible on a variety of apps and in-browser mobile casinos. This is mostly based on personal choice, so why not try a few to see which one you like the best? You can locate a top mini roulette game for any device: iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet, as well as other gadgets.

Mini Roulette Strategy & Tips

Play for free

We understand you’ve heard it before, but we want to stress the importance of testing out this game in practice mode before using real money. The many regulations distinguish Mini roulette from other variants.

Avoid the 0 bet

When a zero comes in, you may get up to 50% of your bets back on individual numbers, according to the rule. It does not apply when you bet on zeros, of course! This implies that any bets over zero have a high house edge of 7.7 percent.

Beware the house edge

That may sound contradictory when we’re telling you how fantastic this game is. However, keep in mind that Mini roulette has a house edge that’s almost three times higher than French roulette. Even though it’s enjoyable and simple to play, don’t forget about the significant house edge.

Take advantage of mobile play

On cellphones and tablets, games may become congested. It’s possible to make careless errors that are too easy to make. If you like playing roulette on the go, this variant suits you down to the ground!

The wheel and Bets in Mini Roulette

Only 13 sectors are on the wheel: 0 to 12. It’s much simpler to wager:

  • Straight bet on any number from 1 to 12;
  • Split bet on any two numbers;
  • Street bet on the line of three numbers;
  • Three bet: on 0-1-2 or 0-2-3;
  • Bet on 4 numbers: 1-4-7-10, 2-5-8-11, 3-6-9-12;
  • Bet on combination: 1-6, 4-9, 7-12;
  • Color bet on red or black;
  • Even/Odd bet.

The game is simple: the dealer spins the wheel and sends the ball. The gambler tries to anticipate where the ball will stop when it lands. Mini Roulette is a big hit among gamblers on internet casinos. However, you don’t have to look for an online casino to play Mini Roulette — you can do so on our website for free!


Isn’t it true that payouts in Mini Roulette are decreased, because they are very generous for any bet, no matter how large or small?

  • Straight bet is paid out as 11 to 1;
  • Three bet (1-6, 4-9, 7-12) is paid out as 1:1;
  • Color bet is paid out as 1:1;
  • Even\odd bet is paid out as 1:1.

The most significant element of a casino game’s house edge is the zero, which lowers the house advantage and makes the game more attractive to players.

Final Thought

We hope that our article was useful and you’ve learned something new about Mini Roulette. If you want to play this roulette game, you can do it in any online casino from our list or in a free mode on our site.


How to play Mini Roulette?

The main goal of the game is to predict on which number the ball will stop after spinning the wheel. You can place different bets: straight, split, street, three, four numbers or color bet. The payoff for each type of bet is different and depends on the probability of this or that event.

What are the payouts in Mini Roulette?

Payouts in Mini Roulette are really generous even for minimal bets. For example, a straight bet is paid out as 11 to 1; a three bet (1-6, 4-9, 7-12) is paid out as 1:1; a color bet is paid out as 1:1; an even/odd bet is paid out as 1:1.

What is the house edge in Mini Roulette?

The house edge in Mini Roulette is lower than in European or American roulette and equals 3.85%. This happens because of the absence of double zero.

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